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White Fillings

If the decay is not too serious, our cosmetic dentist will remove all the decay and restore the tooth with a white (tooth coloured) filling.

Our dentists can safely replace silver amalgam fillings with white tooth coloured fillings.

Composite or white fillings are tooth coloured and are made from quartz, silica and other ceramic particles. After the tooth is prepared, the filling is bonded onto the tooth and a light is shone onto the filling to set it.

Why should I consider white fillings?

White fillings bond to the surrounding tooth tissue, hence less tooth is removed leaving a stronger, well reinforced tooth. 

They also have the advantage of having a natural appearance where different shades of material are used to best mimic the colour of your own teeth.

Do they last as long as metal fillings? Are they as strong?

White fillings have always been considered less long lasting than silver amalgam fillings, however new materials are available with properties that are comparable to silver amalgam.


The life expectancy of any filling depends on where it is in your mouth and how heavy your bite is. Your dentist can advise you on the life expectancy of your fillings, and which material is most appropriate, as metal fillings are still used and in some cases will be superior.


Is it worth replacing my amalgam fillings with white ones?​

It is usually best to change fillings only when your dentist decides that an old filling needs replacing.  Our advice is to replace old fillings with a restoration that strengthens the tooth. 

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